Idealogy Bootcamp 2018

2Idealogy Bootcamp is an event held by Bachelor of Enterpreneurship Program from SBM ITB toward Technological Based Business course for 3 days start in 6 August 2018 to 8 August 2018. This event consist of hands-on learning program for students of various faculties from ITB to collaborate in rapid ideation based on campus research and/or participant idea. Opened by Bachelor of Enterpreneurship Program Director of SBM ITB, Akbar Adhiutama, ST.,MT.,MBA.,PhD and Technological Based Business course lecturer Sonny Rustiadi, SE.,MBA., PhD, the event was attended by students from various faculties who want to experience technological based business ideation from business mentor, facilitator and partner from other faculties. Read more

PRME Corner August Update:Sustainable Local Communities and the Efforts to Achieve It

UntitledAmong all the 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2015, goal number 11 states about sustainable cities and communities. This goal entails the urgent need of new approach to develop our urban areas as well as the communities around us. This goal was created to anticipate the rapid growth of urbanization as currently more than half of the global population reside in urban areas. In Indonesia alone, more than 60 percent of the citizens now live in urban. Other reason why this goal is important because many communities in Indonesia now live underdeveloped. It requires extra efforts from the stakeholders to collaborate together to alleviate poverty and other existing problems in the communities. Read more

8 Powerful Ways to Use G Suite to Brainstorm

8 Powerful Ways to Use G Suite to BrainstormOne of the coolest things about being a student in SBM ITB is that we have Google Suite for Education (yes, the email account So, how do we make the best out of it in collaborating with your team to brainstorm your next big thing project?
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