Values of SBM’s Faculty


Pleasant Behaviour Unpleasant Behaviour
  1. Empathy and appreciate each other with a friend peers
  2. Want to delegate authority
  3. The distribution of duty performed with unjust and consider capacity / competence
  4. Collegialism
  5. Do clarification if there is the unfolding issue
  6. Support the implementation of the policy that has been taken
  7. Vigor to share information, knowledge and experience with SBM organization
  8. Active coaching to faculty junior / tutor
  1. Appraisement of lecturers not transparant
  2. Consider himself as the best and expert in everything
  3. Not listen and consider the advice of subordinate


Pleasant Behaviour Unpleasant Behaviour
  1. Do duty with spirit work high ( passion ) and professional to give best result
  2. Reliable and work finished
  3. Contributes above target work an agreed
  4. Produce publication international class
  5. Updates matter and manner of teaching according issue and development of science current
  6. Spirit renew science and skills to discharge tri dharma higher education
  1. Using working time with unproductiveness things
  2. Incompetent in running tri darma college
  3. Satisfied with past success
  4. Unwilling to develop itself
  5. Not good to prepare higher education tridharma


Pleasant Behaviour Unpleasant Behaviour
  1. Participate active (collaborated) in SBM activities
  2. Opening communication and thinking favorably among colleagues
  3. Proactive creating a harmonious working environment among organization and employees
  4. Really appreciate or payload fellow peers
  5. Associate with organization and workforce by being friendly and mannered
  6. Prioritising personal approach when giving feedback
  7. Discipline, selective and mannered in use email
  8. Prioritising competition (collaboration in competition)
  1. Condescending and intimidating peers or emend with roughly act; or make bad perception to peers
  2. Personifying criticism
  3. Self-thinking and exclusive
  4. Consider himself as the most senior and know everything
  5. Pitting
  6. Consider SBM’s project belongs to personal


Pleasant Behaviour Unpleasant Behaviour
  1. Avoid interest detrimental
  2. Using his/her position as lecturer / leader who fair, objective and transparent
  3. All work based on SBM Dean’s assignment
  4. Transparency in decision-making process
  5. Act honest, mandate and bold responsible
  6. Carry out teaching class team parallel with policy, system and similar material
  7. Conduct a “sacred” class ( discipline and full commitment )
  1. Sell SBM name to get other job/project by own
  2. Corruption in various forms ( money, time facility, etc)
  3. Use the facilities to self-interest / family
  4. Conceal or manipulate facts/information
  5. Do students’ grades selling and buying
  6. Commit plagiarism and claim others work result
  7. Choose only job/project which has additional incentives


Pleasant Behaviour Unpleasant Behaviour
  1. Out of the box ( bold out of comfort zone or courageous try something new )
  2. Active looking for innovation/new ideas in developing SBM
  3. Proactive in doing job
  4. Active doing research for updating knowledge and / or problem-solving business / practical current
  5. Innovation held after concept formulated by robust and based on mutual agreement
  1. Conservative ( not open with the new thinking )
  2. Working as habit (lazy to create something new)
  3. Using worn and not contextual cases
  4. Fear of failing