About Assurance of Learning

The Assurance of Learning (AoL) in SBM ITB was initiated in 2014. The “Should” element is critical in AoL system. At this stage, the alignment of vision and mission, along with the learning goal, objective, and rubric identification has become the focus in the AoL development process. The “Utilize” element through organization empowerment involving all study programs under AACSB review is also critical to ensure support and participation in the Assurance of Learning system implementation. The “Want” element through assessment is implemented in order to evaluate the achievement of learning goal and objective. The integration of these elements finally will be used as the basis for the design of continuous improvement. In general, the AoL development in SBM ITB is shown in the following figure.

tabel AOL 1 may 17

Figure 1. Assurance of Learning Development in SBM ITB

Throughout 2014, SBM ITB focuses on building awareness of the AoL System through the commencement of participation in the AoL seminar, exercise in reviewing vision and mission alignment, exercise in developing learning goal and objective.

In 2015, SBM ITB has aligned its vision mission, and refined Learning Goals (LG), Learning Objectives (LO), Rubric for all study programs (i.e., Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management, and Doctoral of Science in Management). In mid-2015 up to mid-2017 the first round of AoL system is implemented. To ensure the quality of the implementation, AoL committee is developed by involving several faculties, head of study programs, and head of research group interest. Periodic workshops in the beginning and end of semester are conducted with aims to discuss the result of previous assessment, and also socialization for the upcoming assessment by inviting all faculties. During this stage, LG/LO assessment is conducted through “piloting approach”. In general, AoL committee selects 2-3 courses/ per study programs, and ensure that the integration of these courses represents all LG/LO which will be measured at least twice.

Continuous improvement (closing the loop exercise) in course level and study program level will be designed on yearly basis, while the first round of major continuous improvement or “closing the loop” will be done in August 2017. This is designed with 2 reasons: (1) the necessity for having a sufficient number of data from LG/LO assessment, thus SBM ITB will conduct “closing the loop” process after 2 years assessment; (2) the regulation from ITB/University which requires SBM ITB to evaluate and improve the curriculum by 2018. Thus, SBM ITB will simultaneously evaluate the LG/LO design to keep its relevancies to the new curriculum. In general, the AoL timeline in SBM ITB is shown in the following figure.

tabel AOL 2 may 17

Figure 2. Assurance of Learning Timeline in SBM ITB (2014-2017)

Presented below are the key learning goals of each degree program.

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Assurance of Learning Committee

Contact person :
Yuliani Dwi Lestari, PhD





update: 18 October 2017