The curriculum of the DSM-ITB comprises three stages:

  1. The Qualification Stage: developing a basic understanding of the philosophy of management science, research methodologies supported by the relevant statistical software, research-based competency and literature reviews, research question formulation, writing scientific papers and formulating research proposals.
  2. The Research Stage: designing the research, developing a research methodology, collecting and analyzing the data, and writing the dissertation.
  3. Promotion stage: sharpening the student’s knowledge of existing research and its academic contribution, as well as testing the student’s ability to defend his or her dissertation in the oral exam.

Students at DSM-ITB will select one of six concentrations/majors from these research areas:

  1. People and Knowledge Management
  2. Operations and Performance Management
  3. Business Strategy and Marketing
  4. Business Risk and Finance
  5. Entrepreneurship Study and Technology Management
  6. Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation