Inspiring UNILEADER 2017

IMG_8441On October 28th 2017, KMM ITB as a student organization in SBM ITB collaborated with Unilever Indonesia to hold seminar session: “A New Way of Doing Business: Sustainability Driving Value.” There were three main sessions in the seminar: Leadership and career session, Unilever Indonesia overview, and programs in Unilever. Mainly, participant learnt about what life in Unilever looks like. The session was opened by speech from Head of Bachelor of Management Program, Mrs. Ira Fachira.

The first session was delivered by VP HR of Unilever Indonesia, Mr. Willy Saelan, as the main speaker. In this session, he informed that Unilever has a simple but clear purpose: to make sustainable living commonplace since they believe that this is the best way to ensure long-term growth. He emphasized that they have to develop a new way of doing business, because the old economic systems are no longer fit for purpose. The next session was panel discussion to share about speaker’s career in Unilever, Introduce culture in Unilever, and Q&A session by Mr. Willy Saelan and Mrs. Citra Kirana (Global Brand Manager for Citra Body Lotion and Face Care, and alumnae of ITB). Last session was delivered by Assistant Employer Branding, Mr. Tommy Oscara to give brief information about 3 Unilever’s main program for student which are: Unilever Future Leader League, Unilever Future Leader Program, and Unilever Future Leader Intern. He also gave participants tips and trick on how to join it.


Attended by 230 students from various majors in ITB, they given the opportunity to imagine their potential future in FMCG environment. No longer do they see Unilever product as something they use, they begin to imagine what it might look like to create the product for a living.


Author: Dimas Fauzi Wicaksono

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