• Master of Management Business and Administration Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology (2001 – 2003)
  • Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry, Padjadjaran University (1994 – 2000)
LIsti Raafaldini Mirzanti, MM is a full-time faculty at School of Business and Management Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM-ITB). She teaches Management of Technology; Integrative Business Experience; Bioindustry Management and Entrepreneurship; and Family Business. She involves with Community Service Program and during the time she also runs a small start-up business. She received Master of Management, Business Administration and Technology (MM) from Bandung Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry from Padjadjaran University, and right now she is pursuing her doctoral program at SBM ITB, topic in Entrepreneurship Policy.

Academic Teaching in Undergraduate Program

  • Management of Technology
  • Integrative Business Experience 1
  • Integrative Business Experience 2
  • Bioindustry Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Family Business.

Academic Teaching in MBA Program

  • Business Initiation
  • New Venture Management


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  • Full-time faculty at School of Business and Management (SBM-ITB), 2008-now
  • Director of CIEL (Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership), Jan 2011 ? March 2012.
  • Star Energy Jakarta (Oil and gas company), 2005-2006
  • Business Executive of PT. SOHO Industri Pharmacy, 2000-2001
  • PT. Capriasi Multinational Sejahtera.
  • Job Training at TOTAL Indonesie – East Kalimantan District, 1999
Isti Raafaldini Mirzanti