Unleash Your Inner Company: A Studium Generale by MIT Alumni Association President (Feb 27, 2018)
Business Trip to Traditional Market and Modern Market (Dec 18, 2017)
From Local Wisdom to Global Market: A Business Spirit that Brings Lokapoin Fly to Switzerland to Represent Indonesia (Nov 17, 2017)
BI Mengajar, Developing UMKM and Entrepreneurship for Economic Sustainability (Oct 24, 2017)
Overcoming Barriers to Developing Indonesia’s Small to Medium Enterprises, A Story of Australia Awards Fellowship 2017 Journey (Sep 29, 2017)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Demo Day (Sep 29, 2017)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Became 2nd Winner in National Business Plan Competition in Creation 2017 (Aug 11, 2017)
Final Project Symposium for Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students 2017 (Jul 27, 2017)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Demo Day (Jul 25, 2017)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship’s Business Boot Camp 2017 (Jul 12, 2017)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Represent Indonesia in the Competition at PolyU Innovation Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge(GSC) 2017 in Hong Kong (Jul 25, 2017)
A Glimpse of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Business Trip to Bogor, West Java (Jun 12, 2017)
Fridaypreneurship: Serving A Segmented Market by Grahadea Kusuf (Jun 7, 2017)
Fridaypreneurship: ‘University and Social Impact: The Role of Entrepreneurship Incubators’ (May 24, 2017)
Experience from MSM and Bachelor Students of SBM ITB Who Joined JENESYS 2016 (Mar 4, 2017)
Fridaypreneurship: How to Run Succesful E-Commerce in BERRYBENKA Perspective (Feb 13, 2017)
Fridaypreneurship: ‘Creativepreneurship: Its Time to Move to Villages’ (Jan 24, 2017)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students is Awarded as The 1st National Winner of The 11th Management Exposed Business Plan Competition in Feb UI (Jan 22, 2017)
Business Model and System Development Field Trip (Dec 13, 2016)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Represent ITB at Expo of Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia 2016 (Dec 9, 2016)
Kreanesia 2016: The Largest Business Exhibition from Various Faculties in ITB (Dec 7, 2016)
Business Pitching Day and Guest Lecturer from Lamudi (Nov 24, 2016)
Technology Based Business Course: Business Trip to Freenovation (Nov 24, 2016)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Become First Winner of National Business Case Competition (NBCC) (Nov 21, 2016)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Join Public Garden Business Exhibition in Singapore (Nov 14, 2016)
Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2016 (Oct 30, 2016)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship First Graduation Ceremony (Oct 21, 2016)
Rumah Mode and Farm House Business Trip (Oct 20, 2016)
Spasial Business Trip (Oct 18, 2016)
Widyamandala University Surabaya Benchmark Entrepreneurship Education at SBM ITB (Oct 8, 2016)
Fridaypreneurship: Ade Rai, owner of Rai Fitness” (Oct 1, 2016)
Business Trip to Embroidery Company (Aug 8, 2016)
Demo Day (Aug 2, 2016)
Fridaypreneurship: Mansyur S. Nasution, BTN Managing Director Strategic Compliance and Risk (Jul 14, 2016)
PT. LEN Business Trip: Students of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Program (Jun 27, 2016)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Bring Their Business Journey to the Next Level (Jun 27, 2016)
Telkom University (Tel-U) Benchmark Entrepreneurship Education at SBM ITB (Jun 20, 2016)
Tech-Based Business Demo Day (Jun 2, 2016)
Field Trip Bank BJB and Dinas KUMKM Jabar (May 31, 2016)
Connecshion Fest Creative Meet Up 2016, Our Pathway to Indonesia! (Apr 19, 2016)
Students of Bachelor Program Won the 5th UI Studentpreneurs Business Plan Competition (Mar 10, 2016)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Received Development Funding (Feb 10, 2016)
Entrepreneurship Sharing Session with Innovator of Ridekick Power Trailer (Jan 29, 2016)
Report of Demo Day Batch #2 – Technology Based Business in SBM ITB (Jan 2, 2016)
Bank CIMB Niaga Serahkan Beasiswa BUTIK (Dec 18, 2015)

Zero Exhibition (Dec 5, 2015)

zero exhibition

Local Champion Teras Usaha Mahasiswa Bank BRI (Nov 2015)

MK4002 – Entrepreneurship Mentoring II Outdoor Class (17-18 Oct 2015)

outdoor class

Fastus Team Won The First Prize in IYS 2015 (Jun 5, 2015)
Penta District 2015 (Apr 28, 2015)
Program Mahasiswa Wirausaha 2015: Siapkan Sarjana Mandiri (Apr 28, 2015)
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Represent Indonesia on Hong Kong’s PolyU Global Student Challenge (Mar 26, 2015)

Business Trip to Togapuri (Dec 3, 2014)

MK2104 - TogapuriMK2104 – Selling and Marketing business trip to Togapuri.

ILO/ASEAN Entrepreneur Day in Collaboration with Entrepreneurship Program SBM ITB (Dec 1, 2014)
gDayX Indonesia Ajak Mahasiswa Bangun Bisnis (ITB, Nov 24, 2014)
Fridaypreneurship: Joshua Simandjuntak, Owner / Designer Zylia Design Studio and Karsa (Oct 25, 2014)
SBM ITB Selenggarakan JWEF 2014 Pertama di Indonesia (ITB, Oct 12, 2014)
Pelaku Usaha Muda Indonesia Diminta Tingkatkan Daya Saing (Harian Terbit, Oct 11, 2014)

Business Trip to Catenzo (Oct 8, 2014)

MK2002 CatenzoMK2002 – Design System and Business Model business trip to Catenzo, Cibaduyut.

Business Trip to Hotel Jatinangor (Oct 1, 2014)

MK2002 fieldtrip JTNMK2002 – Design System and Business Model business trip to Hotel Jatinangor.

Special Fridaypreneurship: Dave Valliere, Ryerson University (Aug 21, 2014)
Fridaypreneurship: Grahadea Kusuf, CEO Kuassa Teknika (Jul 21, 2014)
Fridaypreneurship: M. Yukka Herlanda, Owner Brodo Footwear (Jun 30, 2014)

Business Trip to Bumi Herbal Dago (Jun 17, 2014)


MK2001 – Design Thinking for Innovation business trip to Bumi Herbal Dago, Jl. Bukit Pakar Utara.

Fridaypreneurship: Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Hope with Dahlan Iskan (Jun 11, 2014)
The First Journey of Bachelor Program of Entrepreneurship (May 30, 2014)
Fridaypreneurship: Kuntowiyoga, Initiator simamaung.com (Apr 29, 2014)
Fridaypreneurship: Hendrikus Ardianto, Owner of Papyrus Photo (Apr 2, 2014)
Fridaypreneurship: Tips and Tricks Kuliah Sambil Bisnis (Dec 27, 2013)
Fridaypreneurship: Arief Widhiyasa, Founder and CEO Agate Studio (Nov 25, 2013)
Fridaypreneurship: Andara Rainy Ayudini (Nov 25, 2013)
Wawan Dhewanto: Kewirausahaan Berbasis Teknologi Guna Meningkatkan Daya Saing Nasional (ITB, Aug 23, 2013)
Sambut Mahasiswa Baru, ITB Gelar Sidang Terbuka Peresmian Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru 2013/2014 (ITB, Aug 22, 2013)
Sarjana Kewirausahaan Prodi Baru di ITB! (Okezone, Jun 29, 2013)
SBM ITB Dirikan Program Kewirausahaan (Republika, Jun 27, 2013)
SBM ITB Akan Dirikan Program S1 Kewirausahaan (Suara Merdeka, Jun 27, 2013)
Grand Launching of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Jun 24, 2013)