What is unique about Bachelor of Entrepreneurship SBM-ITB?

Education conducted in the Entrepreneurship program will encourage students to be entrepreneurial leader, work in groups, and dare to take risks and responsibilities.

Education in the Entrepreneurship program seeks to combine business concepts and practices. Theeducation system is supported by business mentoring system involving both business fields?academics and practitioners. The Entrepreneurship program strives to hone students? business awareness as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis skills.

What is the educational concept and philosophical background of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship SBM-ITB?

The Entrepreneurship program prepares the graduates ready to facecomplexity,uncertainty,uniqueness, and conflicts,with the ability to create value. Education in the Entrepreneurship program sets a standard applied across the curriculum, teaching behaviors, and lecturers? expertise supported by teaching facilities.

The Entrepreneurship program emphasizes the proficiency of business cycle ranging from choosing business idea, designingbusiness model & business plan, running and developing a business.

What competencies do graduates of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program have?

Graduate qualificationin compliance with Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia (KKNI), has competencies of:

  • Able to plan business systems and models
  • Able to identify business opportunities, conduct research on the feasibility of a business, and make a business proposal
  • Able to see through a business from the stage of preparing the market, launching the product, managing production, human resources and finances
  • Able to build up a business so that it develops with steady growth
  • Able to manage risks associated with a business and its development
  • Able to communicate and negotiate
  • Understands concepts of innovation and principles of creativity in relation to the development of products and enterprises
  • Understands how business develops
  • Understands the basic principles of social sciences such as sociology, economics, psychology, anthropology and how they apply to understanding the institutions and context of the world of business
  • Understands the principles of management science
  • Knows the basic principles of technology, mathematics and statistics
  • Responsible and respect business ethics
  • Have leadership qualities (showing initiative, risk-taker, independent, creative, innovative)

Where will the Entrepreneurship programbe held?

All the new programs of ITB including the Entrepreneurship program will be held at ITB Campus in Jatinangor.

When is the enrollment for the Entrepreneurship program?

Admission is done through SNMPTN and SBMPTN (IPS written test).

What is the degree obtained after graduation?

The degree for the Entrepreneurship program is Sarjana Kewirausahaan (S.Bns.) or Bachelor of Business (B.Bus).