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Within the last five years, SBM ITB faculty has produced 832 intellectual contribution in total. Of the total contributions, 80 (9.62%) are basic or discovery scholarship, 736 (88.46%) are integration or application scholarship, and 16 (1.92%) are teaching and learning scholarship. Thus, consistent with the mission, by far the bulk of the contributions are of an applied nature. Nevertheless, a good number of the contributions are in the higher quality outlets. Of the total of 832 contributions, 179 (21.51%) were published in peer reviewed journals (list of journals in Appendix 2.2.1), 497 (59.74%) were in proceedings of academic or professional meetings and 43 (5.17%) were cases for use mainly at SBM ITB.

For promotion purposes, evaluation of ICs takes place at three levels: the school level; institution level; and national level by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. At the school level, there is a peer review team (TPAK) that evaluates the ICs submitted by a faculty member for promotion. The reviewer assigned to a certain faculty member is always another faculty member who is at least at the same academic rank as the faculty member being reviewed. At the institutional level the reviewers are faculty from other faculties/schools within ITB. The third stage, which is done in the national level by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, determines whether the faculty member being reviewed will get the promotion or not.

For rating of international peer-review journals, the school uses two approaches: the publication should be indexed by SCOPUS and available at and the publication should not be listed at and For national peer review journals, the journal should be nationally accredited by DGHE. The criteria to determine the preferred publication is clearly stated in the Statement on Intellectual Contributions of the School. The policy arises, because currently, according to, Indonesia is at rank 57, below Singapore (32), Malaysia (36), and Thailand (43).

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