SBM ITB’s faculty are expected to develop knowledge of business and management through their active engagement in research. Consistent with the SBM ITB mission, faculty are expected to disseminate their knowledge through a variety of different types of intellectual contributions but with aim of contributing to the betterment of business, government, and society. Research in SBM ITB should answer the need of its stakeholders. Thus SBM ITB expects that faculty overall will engage in research that emphasizes applied or application oriented scholarship rather than discovery scholarship. In addition to alignment to the mission, at present, SBM ITB expects faculty to produce ICs to comply with the standard of the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

At present, SBM ITB has several programs in place to support faculty to produce IC, namely mentorship of student research, SBM ITB research grant program, conference funding, book-seeding fund, and publication incentives. These policies aim to increase engagement toward the production of intellectual contributions.

Mentorship of student research is conducted for all degree programs for students’ final project. This program is intended to increase faculty and student joint publications.
Furthermore, the school has policy for different degree program regarding output expected. For undergraduate students, the cum laude students should publish their research in International Conference. However, non-cum laude students should publish their research in Journal of Business and Management (JBM, However, for non-cum laude MBA students, the outlet publication is Indonesian Journal of Business Administration (IJBA, For Master of Science in Management (MSM) students, students are expected to publish one paper in an international journal as a requirement for graduation. Doctoral students are expected to publish at least two papers in international journals (peer-reviewed journals indexed by Scopus).

The research grant program started in 2014 aims to increase the number of papers in conference proceeding and in peer-reviewed journals. The school allocated USD 75,000 to provide research grants for 40 research proposals. The grant serves as seed fund to start the research. Next year, the school plans to double the total fund to USD 150,000. If a research proposal is not funded by SBM ITB, faculty can submit the proposal to ITB to compete for a grant from a larger university wide fund of USD 7,500,000.

The third program, conference funding, is directed to support faculty who wants to disseminate their research in international conferences and provides grants specifically for conference fees and accommodation. The fourth program, book-seed funding, is a limited support scheme from the school to faculty to encourage the production of books and or research monographs. The publication incentives are provided to faculty who have published their paper in Scopus or ISI Thompson-indexed journals. For each author the school allocates a maximum of USD 375 incentive. Furthermore, ITB also open the opportunity for faculty to claim the publication incentive in the same category for a maximum value of USD 750. Additionally, from the funding allocated to each sub-interest group, faculty may apply for part of that funding to produce ICs in other than peer-reviewed journals.