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Mar 18

Student Exchange Cultural Trip 2019

culturaltrip2A sunny day in the morning on February 23, 2019, all exchange students participating in the 2019 Student Exchange Cultural Trip with enthusiasm gathered in the parking lot of the MBA ITB. The Student Exchange Cultural Trip is an annual activity organized and prepared by the International Relations Office of SBM-ITB to provide an experience of learning and socializing with Indonesian people, as well as introducing the culture and daily lives of Indonesian people. Read more

Feb 28

PRME Corner February Update: Should business schools nurture students to be compassionate?

3According to Oxford Living Dictionaries, compassionate is an adjective which means “feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.” If everyone in the world shows compassionate then the world we live will be a better one. The better world that we expect to happen in 2030 when there is no poverty, no hunger, and no inequality; where each and every one is responsible for other around them. Read more

Feb 27

Decision Making in Building Retrofits for Energy Efficiency

Full bright seminar 6 SBM ITB in collaboration with AMINEF hosted a Fulbright Research Seminar on 6 February 2019 at Jakarta Campus. Upon returning from a 3-month Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington (UW) Seattle, USA in October — December 2018, Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso, together with his research partners from UW, Dr. Amy Kim and Lysandra Medal, presented the findings of their joint research which has been initiated since 2017. Read more