PRME Corner February Update: Should business schools nurture students to be compassionate?

3According to Oxford Living Dictionaries, compassionate is an adjective which means “feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.” If everyone in the world shows compassionate then the world we live will be a better one. The better world that we expect to happen in 2030 when there is no poverty, no hunger, and no inequality; where each and every one is responsible for other around them. Read more

PRME Corner January Update: A Short Cross-Cultural Reflection on Sustainability: Who Gets to Rule the World?

SDG LogoIn this article, I am inspired to provoke our understanding (or misunderstanding) of the idea of sustainability. The inspiration comes especially from various discussions, social experiments, and observations when it comes to understanding and doing sustainability, especially those that are by nature cross-cultural. Being cross-culturally aware means being aware of the socio-cultural processes of how we have come to practice something or believe in what we believe and value what we value, including the biases that have developed over the course of our lives, in relation to ourselves and others and our relationships as well as potential conflicts. Read more

PRME Corner December Update: Toward Green Economy “New mainstream of young entrepreneurs”

GEAn afternoon in 2016, among many urban cuttles two weeks before eid adha, a young man approached and greeted me.
“Ibu Melia, I’m Alif, I am one of your students in Bio-Ind management and entrepreneurship.”
I welcomed the young man with warm greetings and positions. Maybe because so many students and also ages factors, I’m easy unremembered people?… “Ah, I feel like I’m getting older,” I thought to myself. Read more