• Doctor of Philosophy, 2009, Innsbruck University School of Management
  • Master of Engineering, Management and Industrial Engineering, 2004, Institute Technology of Bandung
  • Bachelor of Science, Material Physics Science, 2001, University of Brawijaya

Hary Febriansyah is a Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Human Resources Management. He has been working as a lecturer and consultant in Strategic Human Resources Management and Knowledge Management of School of Business and Management (SBM) ITB, since 2006 until at this time. He is a permanent member of People and Knowledge Management, Research Expertise Group, SBM-ITB. Some years ago, he was a material physician in 2001. He completed his bachelor from Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Brawijaya University Malang-East Java. He was very familiar on mathematics equation, quantum physics and material science.

However, and then, he continued and graduated from his master degree on 2004 at Management and Industrial Engineering (TMI-ITB), Institute Technology Bandung-West Java. He decided to pursue his master in TMI-ITB, contrast with his bachelor because he wanted to enrich and enlarge his knowledge from two sides; natural science and industrial management. This choice was very useful and interesting at this time; to solve many practical and academics problems in the real world with a holistic and balance view. In the professional experiences, he started his experience in February 2004 ? August 2005 as a human resources and operation manager in a general consultant company in Palembang, South of Sumatera-Indonesia. He had some responsibilities, treated employees and controlled the company with effectively and efficient. Nevertheless, in August 2005, he decided to change his working experience, being an academician on management and industrial engineering, in a private university. His responsibilities were a lecture and head of management laboratory until June 2006.

  • Principles of Management in Bachelor degree
  • Compensation Management in Bachelor degree
  • Human Capital Management in Bachelor degree
  • Competence based Human Resources Management in Master of Science Management degree
  • Knowledge Management and Learning Organization in Master of Business Administration degree
  • People in Organization in Master of Business Administration degree
  • Understanding and improving employee engagement in organizations – An empirical study in Indonesia

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National Journal

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National Proceeding

  • Tjakraatmadja. J. H., A. F. Hendarman., and Febriansyah, H. (2007). Hubungan Pengaruh Psy-Cap dan Servant Leadership terhadap Kinerja Karyawan, PPM National Conference on Management Research, Jakarta 7 November.

Business Review

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    Relationship among Employees Psychological capital, Employees Performance and Company Leaders Servant Leadership
    (a case study of Indonesian Company).
    Research Report for Sampoerna Foundation 5th January.
    • Head of Management Laboratory
    • Human Resources and Operation Manager
    • Organization and Human Capital Management Consultant

    Hary Febriansyah