Swissnovation Challange

School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Business present the SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia 2018.
The SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia is a unique promotion program with an integrated innovation competition for projects at the ideation, conceptualization and start-up stage, as well as for established businesses. The challenge is open to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who wish to introduce and implement an innovation or who have worked on an innovation already for some time. The business idea can take the form of a product or service innovation as well as an organizational or management innovation.

The competition is divided into three phases. First and second phases are conducted through document-based selection and the selection of final phase is through pitching presentation. The final phase will be held in Bali on August 2018. Accommodation and transportation are provided by the committee.

The cash award for the 1st prize is IDR 100.000.000, for the 2nd and 3rd prizes are and IDR 30.000.000 and IDR 15.000.000 respectively. The first winner of SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia also have the chance to get invited to exclusive events in Switzerland.

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Teams that planning to apply need to meet all the following requirements:
Your innovation project is at the pre-start-up phase, in the start-up phase or already formally established as a business or other form of organisation.

Whichever stage your innovation project is at, we expect to see a significant innovation potential and that you have a clear idea of your innovation. You will need to put that in writing as a concise innovation project outline of no more than 400 characters in the application form.

  • You may apply as an individual, a team, a business or other organisation.
  • You can enter the challenge with more than one innovation project.
  • The innovation you propose can be at the ideation, conceptualisation or planning phase. The innovation can also be more mature nature in nature in that you have already worked with it before but feel that it can be developed further.
  • The application form including your innovation project outline of no more than 400 characters must be completed in English.
  • At least one team member needs to be fluent in the English language as all communication including the admission interview will be done in English and all content and material of the programme will be available in English only.
  • You must successfully pass the admission interview to the programme which will be conducted in English.

Please also note the following:

  • A maximum of 100 participants are admitted to the SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia
  • SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia may admit additional projects at a later stage in case we recognise an exceptional innovation potential. As with other participants, all admission criteria must be met in this case.
  • SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia reserves the right to refuse an application or to disqualify participants during the programme without issuing a statement of reasons.


The SwissInnovation Challenge Indonesia consists of three phases. The process is outlined below.
Phase I: Outlining the innovation / business idea

The prerequisite for admission to the first selection is the formulation of an innovation concept. It can take the form of a new business model, a product innovation, service innovation, organisational innovation or innovation in management. You need to explain your innovation on a maximum of four A4 pages. Your concept should include the following:

  • Formulation of a clear and understandable vision and implementation (graphically/visually)
  • A concrete idea: What would we like to do/have we done?
  • A brief but convincing description of the innovation
  • What exactly is the innovative value?
  • What added value does it generate (including comparison with the competition)?
  • A basic competitor analysis: What are our competitors doing? What makes our innovation stand out? What benefit do we expect from its introduction?
  • Financial estimates: How much capital is required? Who will finance it?
  • Estimates regarding earnings: Cost structure / break-even / profit dynamics?
  • Timetable: What are the next steps?

Phase II: Turning the business idea into a business plan

In this phase, the focus is on the feasibility of your idea. You are required to submit a professional business plan of a maximum of 15 A4 describe your innovation clearly. Your business plan may include the following:

  • Summary: Business idea, vision, strategy, management, products, market, finance plan, opportunities and threats, funding offers (if applicable)
  • The company: Legal structure and capital structure, owners, strategic and operative partners, controlling, consultants
  • Management and staff: Organisational chart, roles, education and management experience of key people, personnel planning and development
  • Products and services: Detailed description of products and services as well as value for the customer, position in life cycle, further development and innovation
  • Markets: Key market (potential and growth), customer structure, planned sales figures, competitors, competition and market analysis
  • Marketing: Target markets and customer groups, PR, advertising, sales, distribution, product range, service and price policy
  • Business risks: Analysis of potential threats and how to avoid or minimise risks.
  • Production and infrastructure: Location, production facilities, capacity, warehouse, suppliers, cost estimate
  • Other aspects: Patent and brand protection, risk and insurance policy, public commitment
  • Timeline: Deadlines, milestones

Phase III: Polishing the business plan and compiling an implementation plan

You will design a presentation which focuses on the implementation plan of your innovation. The final pitch presentation will be a larger public event where you will need to demonstrate to the Jury how you plan to implement your innovation within seven minutes. This will be based on an implementation plan of eight A4 pages which needs to be handed in conjunction with the updated business. The Jury consists of at least one representative of the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), of the local partner university as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and business people. From the cohort of participating projects in this final phase, the Jury will select the winners and award the cash prizes. To be among the three winners, you will need to present an innovation of outstanding potential. The Jury selects the winners depending on the overall points achieved.

Your seven-minute presentation using a medium of choice should address the following:

  • Short summary of the entrepreneurial vision/philosophy
  • Integration of the innovation in the overall vision of the enterprise
  • Concrete feasibility and implementation of the innovation project
  • Presentation of project management for the implementation
  • Expected customer and business benefits
  • Innovation content and potential


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